Here’s the introduction and Chapter 1 of
“Entrepreneur Revolution”

The Entrepreneur Revolution is the idea that the rules that created commercial success in the past have radically changed. Doing what worked yesterday may not bring you success tomorrow.

For some people this will be a time of great uncertainty and loss. For others it will be the greatest opportunity in history.

An entrepreneur is simply someone who spots an opportunity and acts to make it into a commercial success.

This book is written to help you to become better at spotting opportunities and making them into a commercial success.

A revolution is a great shift in society where an old system is thrown out and a new one is embraced.

In all of history, the real fortunes are made in revolutionary times. The difference with this revolution is that it presents a chance for wealth to move to a lot more people.

The tools, technology and opportunities that have shown up recently are designed to empower people. Lot’s of people.

Today, farmers in rural India have access to more computing power that NASA had when they launched Apollo 11.

Today a teenager in their bedroom has more tools for building a global enterprise that Coca-Cola did when they grew internationally.Today your business ideas have more potential to be massive that ever before in history.

For whatever reason, you were born to live through these exciting times. You weren’t born to live in the dark ages as a serf, you weren’t born to live in the agricultural ages as a farmer, you weren’t born to live in the industrial age as a factory worker. You are alive during the greatest time in history; a time where anything is possible for you.

This book is here to wake up the part of you that can spot opportunities and make them successful. Not just any opportunities, the ones that are right for you.

In these pages you will discover that there’s a part of your brain that is already highly entrepreneurial and wants to build something you can be proud of.

You’ll discover exactly how to live in the “entrepreneur sweet spot” where you do what you love, you do it well and you get rewarded generously for it.

This book will challenge you too. I’ve laid out 10 challenges for you to get started on almost immediately. They are designed to push your buttons and get you out of your comfort zone.

I’ve give you a way of creating a high performance culture so that no matter how many complex decisions you face, you will always continue to move forward.

I’ve also hidden a few little gems in this book as well. Ideas that I refer to but don’t specifically say in black and white.

There’s an underlying theme relating to a key ingredient that you need if you really want to be successful. You might spot it straight away or it might come to you later.

You might want to read this book more than once.

If you do spot the new ingredient, pay particular attention to put it into everything you do. This new ingredient hasn’t been necessary in business up until this point but from now on it must be at the very heart of what you do.

I’m going to mention this ingredient many times in the book but I won’t say what it is specifically for you. I will leave you to find it.

When you read through this book, look for this magic ingredient or at least look for clues.

The beginning is important, the end will unfold but at the center you might find you’ll discover a mountain of value you never noticed when you first looked.

Sometimes people read this book and “get it” other times they don’t. Some people get it on the second or third read. I’ve not hidden this key ingredient from you, if anything it’s actually right under your nose.

Whatever you do, don’t stop looking. You simply can’t build a successful enterprise without this ingredient in the entrepreneur revolution.

Good luck, I hope you love reading this book.

Part 1: Breaking free from the Industrial Revolution Economy

Chapter 1: The Entrepreneur Revolution is happening

The word “revolution” gets bandied about. I’ve heard soft drinks being described as “a revolution”. I’ve seen car commercials describing their latest model as “revolutionary”.

So I forgive you if you rolled your eyes when you read the title of this book for the first time.

I want you to know, however I haven’t used the word lightly. I use the word “revolution” with all the gravity and reverence that I can muster.

What’s about to take place is a revolution. Everything as you know it will change in the coming years.

The nature of work, lifestyle and wealth is all about to change.

Before we look forward however, lets look backwards at the last revolution.

Lets begin at the agricultural age. If you went back in a time machine 250 years ago, chances are the first person you would meet would be a farmer.

The agricultural age was defined by the fact that most people worked the land.

Then came a technological breakthrough. The steam engine, fossil fuels and machinery.

One tractor could do the work of 100 men in the field. One textile factory could make all the suits for a city at a fraction of the cost of a tailor.

The technology changed things. You couldn’t fight it, you couldn’t avoid it, it was a revolution.